Freshwater Blue - Patricia Clarkson
The name Freshwater Blue was born from my attraction to the luminescence of freshwater pearls, which I incorporate into much of my work. But, I’m also drawn to the sparkle, glow, and color of semi precious stones. Some are fluid and translucent in color, and some are bold and saturated. I love to use moonstone and labradorite, in particular, because when the sun shines on these stones at just the right angle, they glow an ethereal blue or green. It’s magical!  The saturated colors of lapis, ruby, emerald, and turquoise captivate me as well. I feel a spiritual connection with the beauty of these naturally occurring stones and pearls because they are of the earth. There is substance in that. This is what inspires me to make jewelry. I use these elements in very different ways, however. I find beauty in pairing tiny, glowing stones with graceful, delicate chains that rest in the hollow of the neck. And, I also find beauty in pairing vibrant, colorful chunky pendants on strands of natural leather.  I’ve always expressed myself through art in different mediums but I came to jewelry making quite unintentionally. It began five years ago when I sought out an activity to share with my granddaughter. We explored semi precious stones together online and ordered what we thought was beautiful. My journey in jewelry making began somewhat rudimentarily, stringing large beads onto leather cord. But my skills grow as I teach myself how to put together different combinations of materials to express the vision of the final piece I want to create.  I find inspiration in nature every day and am excited to create new pieces every day.

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