Lucrecia de León

Lucrecia grew up biking along the Potomac river in  Alexandria, Virginia and has been  creating artwork exploring different styles and media, painting, building terracotta clay sculptures, making jewelry with healing stones and working with vintage fabric and textiles since 1970. Her work is inspired by her travels, her heritage and latin american bold colorful folklore. 

Lucrecia attended the Accademia delle Belle Arti di Napoli in Italy and has  experience in the Italian fashion industry which has unfolded a passion for fabric and design, extending her artistic boundaries. She has been a part of a collective ceramic studio, "Le Terre '' in Naples  Italy, where her work has been awarded in  numerous art shows and where she has worked on consignment projects. 

 A chameleon of a sort, her ability to blend in and her flexibility has been fundamental in learning new  artistic techniques while experimenting with  materials and working alongside artists.  Lucrecia has been an early childhood educator in the public schools and  abroad. She observes,

 " This has given me the opportunity to look closely through the eyes of children and adopt their unguided vibrant colors while they paint with simplicity, freedom and enthusiasm!"

Lucrecia  is aware that having  had the chance to live at the foothills of the Santa Ynez mountains in California has further impassioned her belief in environmental sustainability and  she humbly offers  tribute to Mother Earth in her artwork.

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