Mose Mary and Me- Stephanie Renee Kauffman

December 5th of 2015, Stephanie Kauffman lost her job. She was performing comedy at the time, was broke, and in massive debt. Being the holiday season, she wanted to give Christmas gifts to her friends. Stephanie decided to research DIY gift ideas, but wanted to add her own flair. The next thing Stephanie knew, she had created some prayer candles, with her friends’ favorite icons and comedians on them.

Jobless and broke, Stephanie had to donate plasma, in order to afford to make the first candles for the order. Someone made a Facebook post about the candles, sparking more requests and orders, so Stephanie decided to open an online shop. Then, slowly over time, more stores, and more candle designs, additional opportunities arose. 

Currently, Stephanie has over 500 candle designs, and makes new ones every week. Because of the growth and success, Stephanie has hired on additional help, with which she loads of fun doing this fun little thing, upon which she stumbled by accident. It's funny how life happens, but to Stephanie, life is a comedy. Light, laughter, levity, that's what it's all about.

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