Rebecca Wilkinson

Rebecca Wilkinson, illustrator of Color Creates Wellbeing: The Desert Mandalas Coloring Book, is an artist and art therapist whose life has been committed to helping others enjoy the healing benefits of the creative process.  Rebecca’s mandalas are inspired by her love of the desert southwest and the magic it holds. 

Her coloring book and coloring kits grew out of the understanding that coloring is both deeply relaxing and one of the ways that people who don’t think of themselves as artists but who want to be more creative—or artists who need a break from always having to make something unique—can have a gratifying artistic experience. 

Rebecca lives between DC with her twin sister and nephews and Tucson with her husband and some cats. 

Rebecca’s mandalas are dedicated to her father, Ted, and her brother, ‘T’, both of whom died of cancer.  In their honor, 10% of Rebecca’s proceeds are donated to the American Cancer Society.  Thank you for contributing to the hopes that someday soon cancer will no longer take from us the lives of people we love. 

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