SLATE + SALT was founded by an avid traveller who felt the need to share her stories and finds with the world. Through extensive travel to developing countries, Lyndsay fell in love with the people, the cultures, and the craftsmanship of pieces that applied traditional techniques to modern designs. She recognized the beauty of hand crafted products as opposed to mass produced goods made in factories. She saw an opportunity to give a worldwide customer base to artisans in rural villages. Through frequent trips and partnerships with Fair Trade cooperatives, she fosters relationships to bring ever-changing handcrafted designs to the globally minded nomad.

SLATE + SALT brings together select pieces from Fair Trade groups around the world. We strive to source pieces that are traditionally handmade from techniques that are dying because of mass production in factories and support the artisan makers. Consumers can save these traditions with their buying power. We think the stories are an important connection to the products.

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