Tara Barr

The body of work that I’ve created over the past three years explores themes of nostalgia and technology. In my previous career as a technology professional, I was very mindful of the ways in which our everyday experiences are shaped by the design of the devices we interact with. I also learned to appreciate my place in the long history of women working in the technology industry. I’ve carried those interests and lessons with me into my art career. I use my artwork to draw attention to and elevate the great design of the objects that have filled our lives and live in our memories. My work invites others to reflect on their own personal and family histories and to consider that our shared experiences connect us to one another. I gravitate towards subjects related to technology and industrial design, finding as much beauty in meticulously designed and manufactured items as others may find in a landscape or portrait. In everything I create, I consider how my perspective as a woman and a mother informs my visual vocabulary. I seek to challenge expectations of what a female artist’s work should look like and how her career should be structured.

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